Cooking Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Cooking and eating food is one of the most universally loved experiences we have, no matter where we come from or where we go. No matter if you’re starting to cook or you’re a pro. It’s always fun to follow some cooking influencers on Social Media for inspiration.

From small intimate gatherings to large cookouts and everything in between, coming together to share food builds community. So what better place to connect over this passion than social media?

With platforms such as Instagram, cooks all over the world can connect. It allows them to share their culinary experiences (and tasty recipes) with each other accompanied by truly flavorful photos. 

We hope you’re hungry — these are some of the best food Instagram accounts you should be following!

Instagram food influencers

Billy and Jack

This pair met on BBC’s MasterChef in 2016, where they both made it to the final three before being eliminated. They didn’t leave empty-handed, however — they walked away with a new friendship and a lifelong cooking partnership. 

Before COVID, Billy and Jack regularly hosted events in London such as “Dinner Club” and fundraisers and food drives supporting cancer research and the homeless. Their shared Instagram focuses on recipes that minimize food waste and use yummy, seasonal ingredients. 

Tway Nguyen (Tway Da Bae)

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Tway Nguyen, who goes by “Tway Da Bae” on Instagram, is known for her “anyone can do this” approach to mouth-watering cooking. In May of 2020, she posted a TikTok video of her making sausage and egg fried rice. That catapulted her to internet stardom and from that point, she’s one of the top cooking influencers now.

Tway’s main focus is to bring traditional Vietnamese dishes to Americans. That means revisiting what their own families made for them when they were younger.

She also introduces a new culture via food to those who may not be so familiar with Vietnamese cuisine. 

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Alison Roman

Although Alison Roman has held positions at Buzzfeed Food and Bon Appetit, her easy-to-follow recipes and down-to-earth, relatable way of writing truly went viral during the pandemic. When at-home quarantine cooking started trending, so did Alison Roman. 

Her newsletter and weekly YouTube videos, entitled “Home Movies,” regularly feature food you can cook at home and share at gatherings with friends and family. Recently, Roman wrote about how to plan the perfect “hot dog party” as a substitute for the traditional potluck or barbecue — need we say more? 

Joshua Weissman

Coming from a long line of cooks, Joshua Weissman couldn’t resist the family trade. He started sharing his recipes on YouTube in 2015, and the rest is history. 

Weissman’s social media channels showcase his renowned series “But Better,” where he takes a popular food item from a restaurant, fast food chain, or grocery store (everything from chow mein from Panda Express to Hot Pockets®) and recreates it — but better. His positive attitude and meme-y sense of humor make him one of our favorite cooking influencers on Instagram.

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Michaela Vais (ElaVegan)

Who said vegan food lacks taste? Michaela Vais, who goes by “Ela Vegan” on Instagram, proves that even without meat and dairy, vegan food can be just as (if not more) delectable. As an advocate for plant-based diets, her recipes are creative, sustainable, and energizing. 

You wouldn’t know it by the photos on her Instagram, but many of her recipes are refined sugar and gluten free! 

David and Stephen Flynn (The Happy Pear)

With the goal of helping people incorporate more veggies into their everyday diets, brothers David and Stephen Flynn (a.k.a. “The Happy Pear”) started a small cafe that quickly gained enough popularity to rocket them headfirst into the plant-based cooking world. The clean-eating twins now have multiple books, cafes, YouTube videos, and over 584 thousand followers on Instagram. 

The Flynns’ motto of “teaching not preaching” makes their approach to a plant-based, clean-eating lifestyle one that everyone can get behind.

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Eric Jones (Dude That Cookz)

Born and raised in Louisiana and currently living in Houston, Eric Jones (“Dude That Cookz”) has always had a love for Southern-style comfort food. Now his goal is to share his self-taught expertise and passion for home cooking with the masses. 

Whether it’s from fresh greens in your herb garden or something you already have in your pantry, Eric strives to make his recipes accessible, comforting, and delicious. He even shares some tasty cocktail recipes on his Instagram for those who want a little nightcap after a meal! 

Sara Kiyo Popowa (Shiso Delicious)

Recipe writer and photographer Sara Kiyo Popowa, aka “Shiso Delicious”, has an Instagram with photos that look like they belong on a museum wall. Her colorful arrangements of fresh fruits and veggies make her one of the top cooking influencers on Instagram. Follow her and expect easy-to-follow recipes.

Popowa focuses on fresh, clean, plant-based ingredients and putting together traditional Japanese bento boxes for modern living.

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