Best Things to Buy at Uwajimaya

Uwajimaya is a small Japanese grocery store chain located in Washington and Oregon. Their grocery stores have delicious food courts, prepared Asian foods, Asian booze and beverages, and plenty of products that are most used in Asian cuisine. The Fun Stuff WA team gathered some of the best things to buy at Uwajimaya.

Whether this is your first time visiting Uwajimaya or you’ve been many times, you need to try this!

Must-try things at Uwajimaya

uwajimaya store shelves inside

#1 Fresh Veggies

The veggies are cheap at Uwajimaya. You can get napa cabbage for 99 cents a pound to add to hot pot or make kimchi (fermented Korean cabbage). Uwajimaya typically has off-season prices and can offer steep discounts on their fresh veggies.

#2 Frozen Ramen

The frozen ramen at Uwajimaya is 1,000 times better than dried ramen. Make sure to follow the directions (separate boiling water for the broth and the noodle cooking) so that it does not come out weird. We love adding extra protein, veggies and more to our ramen too!

#3 Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi ice cream is covered in tasty and sticky rice paste. We like to choose from black sesame, mango, strawberry and chocolate flavors. They even have coconut mochi ice cream for those who can’t have dairy. We’d like to mention that besides ice cream, you should definitely check the Uwajimaya candy section!

#4 Hot Pot Soup and Ingredients

Uwajimaya has plenty of soup bases to choose from to make hot pot at home. Not only is cheaper than eating hot pot at restaurants, but you can also control what goes into your hot pot and avoid the things you don’t like.

#5 Sake and Soju

Their sake and soju collection is very inexpensive and impressive. Choose from dozens of different types and brands.

#6 Sashimi

The sashimi is always fresh and plentiful at Uwajimaya. We like to go later in the evening and get awesome 20% off deals on their prepared sashimi and sushi platters.

#7 Kimbap or Gimbap

Gim Bap are Korean rice rolls with meat, pickled veggies and rice. It’s super delicious and made fresh at Uwajimaya in Bellevue. We love buying them and having them as snacks whenever we are hungry.

fresh kimbap at uwajimayafresh kimbap at uwajimaya

To familiarize yourself with Uwajimaya, you can visit their Uwajimapedia to learn about the products they sell and more.

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