Best Baking Shows to Watch

Baking — you love it or hate it, but crafting the perfect cakes, brownies or custards is no joke. Even amateur bakers know baking is a precise art. But nothing is more rewarding than mastering a difficult recipe and enjoying the delicious fruits of your labor.

As much as we love to bake, sometimes it’s even better to sit back and enjoy our favorite baking shows. The best baking shows are both educational and dramatic! 

Whether you’re watching hopeful novice bakers compete for a grand prize or professional chefs run their family businesses, it’s easy to get sucked into any show spotlighting delectable baked goods. And it seems people everywhere feel the same way.

We know because there are dozens of baking shows to watch! But not all baking shows are created equal. 

In our opinion, these are the best shows about baking — the crème de la crème. 

1. “The Great British Baking Show”

Seasons: 12

Where to Watch: Netflix

You can’t go wrong with a classic. If you’re into baking, odds are you’ve heard of this gem from across the pond. 

“The Great British Baking Show” is a staple of British television, and each season is full of beautiful cakes, cookies and custards. The show touts a diverse cast of amateur bakers (with lovely accents and positive attitudes) all striving to win the title of Star Baker.

If you’re a bit sick of overly dramatic reality shows, we suggest tuning into this calming, friendly competition. The show is a genuine ray of sunshine. The set design alone will put you in a cheerful mood — gorgeous establishing shots of the English countryside open into a picture-perfect baking tent full of bright colors. 

2. “Cake Boss”

Seasons: 10

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Buddy Valastro packs a lot of personality into this beloved series. “Cake Boss” follows Valastro as he runs his family’s bakery along with his mother, four older sisters and two brothers-in-law. 

First airing in 2009, the series is one of the original baking shows that made “baking shows” a thing. Valastro’s impressive creations include a 10-foot-tall space shuttle — complete with pyrotechnics — and a circus-themed cake for Britney Spears’ 27th birthday party.

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3. “Worst Bakers in America”

Seasons: 2

Where to Watch: Hulu, Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime

This show is a spin-off of another popular cooking show, “Worst Cooks In America.” Twelve contestants selected for their unique lack of talent enlist in a baking boot camp. 

If you love lounging on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and soaking in the drama, then its creators whipped up “Worst Bakers in America” just for you. 

4. “Nailed It!”

Seasons: 6

Where to Watch: Netflix

This Netflix original is the streaming giant’s fresh take on the classic baking competition. 

Each week, hosts task three bakers seeking redemption from past kitchen blunders with recreating expert-level desserts. While the tasks would probably challenge any home cook, it’s always exciting to see the great — and not-so-great — final products. 

Hosted by Nicole Byer, the show’s energy is upbeat and positive but leaves room for viewers to giggle at the bakers’ sometimes-disastrous results. 

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5. “Be Our Chef”

Seasons: 1

Where to Watch: Disney+

Calling all Disney fans! If you love rewatching your favorite Disney movies, we have a new favorite show for you.

In this delightful baking competition, five foodie families create incredible dishes inspired by Disney classics. As families come together to create something marvelous, their love and teamwork sweetly inspire you.

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