Best Things to Buy at H Mart

H Mart is a popular Korean grocery store. They sell a huge variety of Asian products ranging from soup bases, meats, noodles, kimchi and more. The Good Home Chef staff made a list of our must-buy items when you visit the store.

Here are the best things to buy at H Mart in your next visit.

10 things to buy at H Mart

#1 Kimchi

Kimchi is fermented cabbage and daikon radish seasoned with spicy red pepper known as gochugaru. You can eat it alone or with other food. It has probiotic benefits is ai great for digestion.

H Mart has an amazing selection of kimchi in their refrigerated section and the more you buy in quantity, the cheaper it gets making it a great bulk buy item as well.

bulk kimchi jar

#2 Frozen Meats

We love their sliced frozen meats. When making noodles, hot pot, or any other dish really, we use a few frozen slices of meat to add protein to our home-cooked meals. It is also a great way to prevent any meat waste that we forget to freeze.

#3 Vegetables

H Mart sells an amazing selection of vegetables that are often found in Asian cuisine. Our favorite buys are napa cabbage and their great selection of mushrooms including Enoki and Oyster. It’s often cheaper than buying from larger grocery chains.

#4 Frozen or Packaged Meals

H Mart has an impressive selection of packaged meals that include soups, rice cakes, noodle soups like naengmyun (Korean cold soup), hot tofu soup and so much more. The selection can be overwhelming so do some research about which Korean dishes you want to try before shopping.

#5 Frozen Dumplings

Head over to the freezer section to gawk over their huge selection of dumplings. You’ll find potstickers, soup dumplings, mandoo (Korean dumplings) and so much more. We like buying the dumplings and snacking on a few when we are hungry. Keep the rest frozen for other times where we need something to much one.

#6 BCD Soon dae Boo Tofu Soup Kits

BCD is a huge tofu soup (Soon dae boo) chain from Korea. If you live in major areas like Los Angeles or Dallas, chances are you’ll have dined here at least once in your life. You can find this amazing soups 24/7, they¬†often come with a side of bulgogi (bbq meat), fried fish and white rice.

It’s great drunk or hangover food because it’s so healthy yet hearty.

At H Mart, they sell BCD tofu kits that you can bring home to prepare. We like adding frozen meats and veggies to our soups to make it more filling.

#7 Assorted Banchan

Banchan are Korean side dishes often served alongside the main course. Ban Chan items may include seasoned bean sprouts, kimchi, potatoe salads, pickles, cucumber salad, fish cakes and more.

H Mart sells banchan in clamshell containers that you can bring home and eat with your main meal or just snack on whenever you’re hungry.

korean banchan side dishes with main meal

#8 Ramen Noodles

H Mart’s ramen noodle selection is very impressive. Have you seen their ramen noodle aisle?! is crazy packed with dried noodles that you can simply add water to and have a soup ready within minutes.

Spice up your ramen noodles by adding egg, veggies and meat. You can even turn them into a budae jiggae (military soup) by adding hot dogs and more. When making ramen at home, the possibilities are endless!

Brands we think you should try are Nongshim, Samyang (has super spicy flavors), and Paldo.

#9 Salted Egg Chips

Ok, hear us out! These salted egg chips have a super light yet savory flavor which is what makes them so addicting.

irvins salted egg potato chips

#10 Soju

And last but not least, we find the best deals on Soju at H Mart. It’s hard to find Soju anywhere else really.

Soju is s a clear, colorless distilled alcoholic beverage from Korea. It’s alcohol content varies from about 16.8% to 53% alcohol by volume (ABV). Most brands of soju are made in South Korea.

When visiting Korea, the best place to buy Soju, in our opinion, is at a 7 Eleven store where the bottles are as little at $1 USD. At H Mart, expect to pay around $6-8 bucks a bottle depending on the brand.

What are top 3 best things to buy at H Mart? Let us know if you’d add an item to this list.

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