Best Things to Buy at Costco

Costco is a great place to buy for your business or in bulk. When you walk into a Costco for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by everything they have to offer.

So what are the things you should buy at Costco to make it worth your membership? We’ve listed a couple.

Top 13 picks for Costco buys

#1 Rotisserie Chicken

Their plump and glistening rotisserie chickens are located in the back for a good reason, they know you’ll peruse the entire store to get to this awesome buy. Their rotisserie chickens are flavorful, already cooked and great for feeding the entire family. They’re also super affordable and will last for a week when refrigerated.

#2 Eggs

Costco sells both trays of 12 and 24 eggs. Eggs are great because they do not spoil if kept refrigerated. They’re also a great source of protein for the entire family.

#3 Olive Oil

It’s never a bad idea to keep bulk oil on hand. Costco sells jugs of olive oil. Simply refill your olive oil container and keep the bulk bottle in your pantry. Our bottle has lasted us 2 years and we cook almost every day.

#4 Almond Butter

Costco’s organic almond butter is so worth it! We use it in a variety of our dressings and keep it handy to eat with veggies, fruit and our favorite….bananas!

#5 Toilet Paper

We know most people will tell you to skip the toilet paper, but if you have a place to store their massive packages of toilet paper, we highly recommend buying this product from Costco.

#6 Yogurts

Buy Greek or plain yogurt here in bulk quantities for a great deal. We like to get into the habit of using Greek yogurt to make sauces, dressings and as a healthy alternative to mayo and sour cream.

#7 Cheese

Their cheese prices are the best! They also have a great assortment of artisanal cheeses to choose from.

#8 Alcohol

Alcohol is always a great buy at Costco. We love stocking up on their vodka, wines, and prosecco (only $7 a bottle).

#9 Supplements

If you need multivitamins, joint pills, or vitamin powder for drinks, Costco has the best deals. Their supplement selection is huge and often cheaper than anywhere else.

#10 Tires and Oil Changes

Costco has great deals and warranties on their tires. Getting your oil changed here is also a good idea. The only drawback is that you’ll have to make an appointment, which can often take more time than anticipated.

#11 Gas

We mainly have a membership to take advantage of their low gas prices. Come early or later in the day so that you do not have to wait in their long gas lines.

#12 A Carwash

A carwash at Costco will run you $8, which is a steal compared to other places. We typically fuel up first then add a carwash on the way out.

#13 Hot Dogs + Soda for only $1.50

A trip to Costco is not complete unless you get a hot dog plus soda on the way out. They now have contactless check-out systems that will get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Final thoughts: we love exploring new grocery stores, we also love saving money and spending smarter. If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to also read our recommendations on the best things to buy at Uwajimaya and the best things to buy at H-Mart.

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